Welcome to Portraits and Landscapes. By Dave Ettridge

In these galleries I hope to give you an idea of the type of picture that I enjoy producing. My favourite mediums are graphite, pastel  and  coloured pencils. My favourite subjects are people,pets and wildlife portraits.

GRAPHITE PENCIL,    I use various grades from 6H to 9B and graphite sticks on Bristol paper.

PASTELS,    I use Derwent and Faber Castell pencils plus various makes of stick pastel from hard to very soft. One of the supports that I have started using is sandpaper  (400 grit ) I find it holds a lot of pastel, has great depth of colour and blends well, just watch the finger tips when blending.

COLOUR PENCIL     I use Derwent & Faber Kastel polychromo coloured pencils, the best support for this work is a good quality smooth watercolour paper 140lb and keep the pencil points sharp.  

Please view the other pages and enjoy.

Thank you     Dave Ettridge...

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